Mermaid Costume

I began making a mermaid costume for my sister. I went through a number of patterns and styles and I found that I like the Crocodile Stitch Mermaid Tail by Fuad Azmat / YARNutopia by Nadia, with the Tail Fin from this video by Yolanda Lopez.

It makes a beautiful tail but I found that I didn’t like the way the scales tend to lay over each other. I took the basics of this pattern and made it so that my scales staggered and look more like fish scales. I tried the original pattern and found that it made the tail very bulky looking and squat, by staggering the scales it made the item lay a little flatter and didn’t shrink in on itself nearly as much as the original pattern.

The second thing I did differently from the YouTube tutorial was to tack down the ch 1 between scales on the post rows.

Here is the link to the written pattern that Fuad Azmat has posted in her video, Baby Mermaid Tail. She also has links to a video for the Shell Bikini Top she pairs with the tail.

For the headband I used the following patterns:


This headband is worked to fit from newborn to 12 months with the use of buttons (17″ long). You can make this pattern bigger as long as it’s divisible by two.

G/6- 5 mm
Contrasting Color Yarn worsted weight (I used soft ecru for this) and the same color you used for the shells (For me that was a coral color)
3-4 buttons
Tapestry needle

Starting with Coral yarn Ch 46.
In the second chain from hook, work 1sc and 1dc into  the same st, skip 1ch, *work 1sc and 1dc in the next ch, skip ch*, repeat ** until you reach the end. Fasten off.

Attach ecru yarn with a sl st to the opposite side from where you started, Ch2, *sk 1st, 1sc and 1dc in the next space*, repeat ** to the end of row, work 3 sc into last st to turn round and work pattern back to where you joined color. Work 4 sc around end and join with sl st. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Sew on buttons to headband using these measurements (Measure from one end):
newborn: 12″-13″
3 month: 14″-15″
6 month: 15″-16″
12 month: 16″-17″


Use same color as shells (coral for me again):

Round 1: Make a magic circle and ch1. sc 10 into the circle, join to ch1 with sl st. (10sts)
Round 2: ch1, *2sc in 1 st, 1sc in next st*, repeat ** to end, join with sl st. (15sts)
Round 3: *ch7, sc in second ch from hook, hdc in nect 2 sts, dc in next 2 sts, tc in last st, sl st in 3rd sc from base circle*, repeat ** until end. You should have 5 points.
Round 4: (You can change colors here if you like), ch 1, sc in every st around to finish, bind off thread and weave in end. Leave the tail you have from your magic circle after you tighten it up and use it to attach to the head band.


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